You've landed in paradise, excited to begin your vacation!

But you have to get to your resort first...

If you've booked a vacation package you are probably familiar with the airport transfers that are usually included.
You exit the airport, find the person holding a sign with your tour operator on it and are directed to your shuttle bus.
You pass your luggage to the attendant, grab a seat inside and wait, and wait, and wait... until the bus fills up with more passengers.
Enroute to your hotel or resort you make stops along the way to drop off passengers and unload luggage at other resorts.
When you finally arrive at your destination, it's usually with a group of other weary travellers.
Everyone is trying to get off the bus, find their luggage and be the first in line for the check-in desk.
After a long day of travelling there are usually some tired children, some frayed nerves, you're likely thirtsy and someone is probably being rude to the hotel staff.

It's chaos and definitely not the best start to your trip.

I love Private Transfers!


You exit the airport and see someone holding a sign with your name on it.
They hurry you off to your very own air-conditioned mini-van.
Your driver hands you a bottle of ice cold water, soda or an adult beverage while they quickly load your luggage.
Off you go, often with your driver pointing out interesting sights and sharing local tips along the way.
You arrive at your resort way (sometimes hours) before everyone taking your shuttle bus does.
You have beat the crowd which means you get the cold towel & welcome cocktail treatment.
You also get an unhurried check-in with the friendly hotel staff.
A bonus perk is that your luggage is usually delivered to your room quickly as well.

On your departure day, you leave hours after your shuttle bus would have, so you get more beach time.


Feeling like a VIP is a plus!

Ask me to set up some private transfers for your next vacation!
P.S. - it's not as expensive as you think!